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Save Windows XP (english page)

In the 80s we lived (perhaps)  the  most  insignificant-important victory of consumers.Story:The Coca – Cola Company  decides  to change the classic recipe with a new one.  The consumers react and the company is forced to restore the old recipe. (And I do not believe that this it harmed the interests of company, opposite) In few months from now another company, Microsoft, intends to stops  the  disposal  of  the most reliable software (XP) And that will (eventually) lead to stop the support of software in question. This is what must awake us as consumers.  Because the passage from the XP to the VISTA is not something that can become blood-freely. Sites  and  magazines  report  that the cost for the medium domestic user – excluding the cost of acquisition of software it will amount in the 200 with 500 Euros. ( only  upgrade of memory and change of  graphic card)

It’s like blackmail. “If you want to use your computer, buy  a new” Because if only the above are the things someone has to change, include the money you have to spend buying VISTA, we reach the cost of a brand new computer, with current prices, that simply fulfill the minimal specifications in order to “run” the VISTA.

 It is as if you have a 7 years old car, that has been proved ”dog” (in Greeks it means good and reliable)  and suddenly the company that produces it  say to you  “Buddy, in 6 months from now, parts ends, service ends, you have to buy our new model, if you want to continue driving”

 Therefore it’s time we -as consumers- to react and  stop companies from lead us like sheep.That’s why all users of the internet  -not only the XP users-  MUST participate in a world protest  that has begun few days before, titled “Saving windows XP”  

And it does not have to do only with the particular subject. It has to do with the message that will pass in each company over the world. It has also  to do, with a message to all sort of consumers organizations that exist and  the only thing they do is to make meaningless statements and presences in television programs.(and most of them are paid from our taxes) that if do not change , if do not correspond in  their role, then, we, the simple citizens  will “cancel” them.  

 That’s why,  we must  use the power  internet offers us and claim our rights.   So, anyone  who  is  reading this article, has to visit the following web page  to add his own signature of protest to Microsoft. As   he owe  to propagate the news and the way of reaction that exists. The home page of the site that can someone signs against the decision of Microsoft  is listed below:

(Whoever just  wants  to go directly to the protest’s petition page just follow the link bellow): 



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